Developer Guide Introduction

Welcome to the zDirect Platform Developer Guide.

The Developer Guide provides a task-based conceptual description of how to use the zDirect API to complete all stages of integration. Some of the main topics include:

  • Understanding products and their data model
  • Onboarding products into the Zalando Catalog
  • Setting prices and available stock
  • Processing orders using Partner Fulfillment
  • Managing inventory at Zalando Warehouses using ZFS

We recommend that all developers begin with the Getting Started Guide before reading the Developer Guide. It provides an introduction to the zDirect API, an overview of the stages of integration, and other information that every developer will need to know.

We also provide an API Reference which includes the following:

  • information on scopes
  • rate limiting policy
  • sandbox behavior
  • an OpenAPI reference for each API

Sandbox Testing

Every API described in this guide supports sandbox testing, and we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the sandbox environment to be sure you are correctly using the zDirect API before you make calls in the production environment.

zDirect APIs in the sandbox environment respond as closely to production calls as possible, but in some cases it is not possible to respond in exactly the same way. For example, data written to most sandbox APIs is not persisted or propagated.

For more information on the specific sandbox behavior of each API, see the Overview page of each API in the API Reference section.

Code Samples

The sample httpie calls in the Developer Guide use the sandbox base URL. For more information on the difference, see Sandbox Testing in the Getting Started Guide.


We are available to assist you during every step of integration through our Integration Management Services.

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