Sales Channels


Sales channels define regions where Zalando products are offered for sale through Zalando Fashion Stores (such as, Sales channels usually correspond to countries. In rare cases there are some sales channels that don't represent any of the Zalando Fashion Stores, but some other channels (like merchant's own website).

Many zDirect API requests require that you specify sales channel IDs for the request. For example, if you wish to update a product price with the Prices API, you must set it for a specific sales channel.

To call the Sales Channels API:

GET sales-channels?merchant_ids={merchant_id1},{merchant_id2}...

The following shows an example httpie call:

http \{merchant_id1},{merchant_id2}... \
"Authorization:Bearer $YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"

To request only sales channels related to the Zalando Fashion Stores, add the optional request parameter zalando_only=true to the query string. If omitted, the default value is false.

In this example reply body, the merchant specified in the call has access to the France sales channel:

    "items": [
            "country_code": "fr",
            "country_name": "France",
            "sales_channel_id": "733af55a-4133-4d7c-b5f3-d64d42c135fe",
            "live": true

Sales Channel IDs

The zDirect API refers to sales channels by IDs:

Sales Channel ID Country/Region
01924c48-49bb-40c2-9c32-ab582e6db6f4 de
00f2a393-6889-4fc0-8cd9-86e454e6dfa3 nl
733af55a-4133-4d7c-b5f3-d64d42c135fe fr
ebf57ebf-e26d-4ebd-8009-6ad519073d2a it
83c4e87f-6819-41bb-af61-46cddb8453f5 uk
53075bd4-0205-4b5d-8145-e7a7745ab137 at
c2bd90da-0090-4751-8f16-35dea7002071 ch
ca9d5f22-2a1b-4799-b3b7-83f47c191489 pl
043ec789-a3c7-4556-92df-bf1845c741ab be
091dcbdd-7839-4f39-aa05-324eb4599df0 se
aadd3adf-500f-4372-8137-dc0e4b2f0582 fi
7ce94f55-7a4d-4416-95c1-bf34193a47e8 dk
1e161d6e-0427-4cfc-a357-e2b501188a15 es
ef064ea7-1d91-442c-bcbb-9d20749af19b no
b773b421-c719-4dfd-afc8-e97da508a88d cz
a13a1960-5d57-4c51-a3ea-7e8d28e2c0b7 ie
5d99621e-7a9e-4393-8df3-1084ac3bb8a7 pt
371e627a-2c44-4dbd-8e63-3344327a25c1 sk
b8949dea-af4e-42e7-8271-2e7b1bb123c5 si
8a46930c-01ec-4027-98fd-23d304f247d6 lt
98478cb5-85f1-4775-a130-0b2413b1c4b8 lv
3d334e1f-112a-427f-96ae-e31948ed5163 ee
8be9fe4a-397a-4bfb-9d1b-cfe7d01caf91 hr
4b8c533b-26b8-4c41-9a60-72a0df43d26f hu
7fb9880f-de8d-4e56-bac1-5527da550a74 ro

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