Product Status Report API Overview

The Product Status Report API (or PSR API) provides read access to Product Status Report data. Query the PSR API to get up-to-date information about your products, including validation status, current price, available stock, and much more.

Note that this API is read only. For information on product onboarding, setting prices, and setting stock levels, see Products and Product Onboarding, Manage Prices, and Manage Stock.

Possible data lags

The data served by the PSR API is near real-time and usually lags only by a few minutes. However, this lag may sometime increase to a few hours for short periods.

Some products will not be shown

If you just mapped your product IDs to an existing product and didn't set neither stock nor price, these products will not be shown in your Product Status Report until you update either their stock or their price.

Unlike most zDirect APIs, the PSR API is for use with GraphQL. For more information, see Product Status Report API.

As with the zDirect REST APIs, the PSR API uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate and authorize client access. See the Authentication Guide for more information.

GraphQL Endpoint

The URL for all PSR API requests is:

PSR API Scopes

Use of the PSR API requires the Products/products/read scope.

Many zDirect APIs require clients to have specific permissions or scopes for read or write access. You may assign scopes to your apps in the "Applications" section of the zDirect Portal.

For more information on configuring app scopes, see the Applications section of our zDirect Portal guide.

PSR API Rate Limiting

Each app may only make 240 requests per minute.

For more information, see Rate Limiting.

Sandbox Behavior

Sandbox requests are not currently supported by the PSR API. However, because the API is read only, there is no reason not to test it against your production data.

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