Orders API Overview

Use the Orders API for order fulfillment (Partner Fulfillment) or to get order processing status and information from Zalando (ZFS).

Note that the Orders API is optimized for getting and managing orders, and we do not recommend using it for other reasons.


The retention period for orders data is 1 year. All the orders older than this period are not accessible via the order API endpoints.

Orders API Scopes

Use of the Orders API requires the Orders API/orders scope. Read permissions are necessary for GET requests, and Write permissions are necessary for PATCH requests.

Many zDirect APIs require clients to have specific permissions or scopes for read or write access. You may assign scopes to your apps in the "Applications" section of the zDirect Portal.

For more information on configuring app scopes, see the Applications section of our zDirect Portal guide.

Rate Limiting

You may only make the following number of requests per minute:

Request req/min (sandbox) req/min (production) rate-limit quota
GET multiple orders 10 40 per Fashion Partner
GET multiple orders by order_number 100 400 per Fashion Partner
GET multiple items 40 2000 per Fashion Partner
GET multiple lines 40 2000 per Fashion Partner
PATCH requests 40 2000 per Fashion Partner
GET orders-deletion-requests 10 40 per Fashion Partner
All other Orders API requests 40 2000 per app

A higher rate limit is applied on requests to the "GET multiple orders" endpoint using order_number parameter. This exception is meant to support those partners that are migrating to the zDirect API integration and need to map existing order numbers to the new order identifiers (e.g order_id). We advise you NOT to rely on this rate limit for other use cases as it is only temporary. Instead refer to the generic rate limit for "GET multiple orders".

For more information, see Rate Limiting.

Sandbox Behavior

We strongly recommend testing the Orders API during Initial Integration so you can be sure that you are processing orders correctly before you receive actual customer orders.

Of course, before you Go Live, you will have no orders to test. We are happy to provide you with test orders for your use. For more information, please contact zDirect Technical Support.

When we provide test orders, they are accessible in the sandbox environment only, and your testing will not affect your production data in any way. The Orders API supports all get and patch requests in sandbox mode. If you patch a test order, you may then get the order to verify that the intended update was successful.

For more information, see Sandbox Testing in our Getting Started Guide.

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