Getting Shipping Notices

Use the Shipping Notices API to get a specific shipping notice, or to get all shipping notices.


The zDirect API requires OAuth 2.0 authentication for all API calls. Use the Authentication API to generate access tokens as described in the Authentication section.


You may optionally include an If-None-Match header with any GET request for a shipping notice or sub-resource containing an ETag. If the specified ETag does match, then the Shipping Notices API will return the HTTP status code 304 (Not Modified) with an empty body. Otherwise you can just ignore adding the If-None-Match header for the GET request and you will still get the shipping notice or sub-resource in the response. Please be aware that these ETag values need to be stored on your side as they are later on needed for any PUT or POST requests. For more information, see Shipping Notices API Headers in "Shipping Notices Overview."

Getting all Shipping Notices

Use the following call to get all shipping notices:

GET /zfs/shipping-notices

The request will return all shipping notices for all merchants associated with the client that requested the access token for this request.

  "shipping-notices": [
      "zalando_merchant_id": "string",
      "carrier_name": "DHL",
      "requested_zalando_location_id": "string",
      "pallets_count": 0,
      "colli_count": 0,
      "hanging_goods_count": 0,
      "earliest_delivery_date": "2017-07-21T17:32:28Z",
      "merchant_b2b_reference": "string",
      "comments": "string",
      "self": "string",
      "announced_item_sets": {
        "href": "string"
      "dispatch_item_sets": {
        "href": "string"
      "delivery_date_request": {
        "href": "string"
      "delivery_date_confirmation": {
        "href": "string"
      "delivery_time_slot": {
        "href": "string"
      "inbound_tour": {
        "href": "string"
      "zalando_advice_id": "string",
      "announced_item_count": 0,
      "dispatch_item_count": 0,
      "confirmed_delivery_date": "2018-03-03T00:00:00+01:00",
      "state": "string"
  "next": "string"

Getting a Specific Shipping Notice

To get a specific shipping notice, specify the shipping notice identifier as shown:

GET /zfs/shipping-notices/{shipping_notice_ID}

Response Codes

HTTP Code Meaning
200 Shipping notice or notices returned in reply body.
400 Error. Additional information included.
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