Price Reporting API Overview

Use the Price Reporting API to get the status of all your price update attempts. You can query by EANs, sales_channel_ids and specific time ranges.

Price Reporting API Scopes

Using the Price Reporting API requires the products/price/read scope.

Many zDirect APIs require clients to have specific permissions or scopes for read or write access. You may assign scopes to your apps in the "Applications" section of the zDirect Portal.

For more information on configuring the permissions of your app, please see the Applications section of our zDirect Portal guide.

Rate Limiting

Each app may only make the following number of requests per minute:

Environment req/minute
production 60
sandbox 60

For more information, see Rate Limiting.

Sandbox Behavior

After submitting price updates to sandbox environment through the Prices API, you will be able to query the status of those price updates via the sandbox environment of the Price Reporting API.

For sandbox testing, use the response codes to verify that you are constructing your requests correctly. You will receive the same response codes in the sandbox environment as in production.

For more information, see Sandbox Testing in our Getting Started Guide.

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