Order Processing Overview

Once we receive an order, the order data is available to you at any time.

The main steps for processing orders are as follows:

  1. Get new orders and reserve stock until it is approved.
  2. Export the order from Zalando to claim it for fulfillment.
  3. Prepare to ship each Order Line article.
  4. If there are items you cannot fulfill, such as out-of-stock items, update the Order Line status to Canceled. The customer is notified and their payment is refunded.
  5. Update order with tracking information i.e. tracking_number and return_tracking_number.
  6. Ship each Order Line article and update its line status to shipped.
  7. If an item is returned, update the line status for the item to returned.

We will go through each of these steps in detail below.


The zDirect API requires OAuth 2.0 authentication for all API calls. Use the Authentication API to generate access tokens as described in the Authentication section.

The Orders API

The Orders API provides several endpoints and parameters for use in order fulfillment, but they all use two HTTP methods:

  • Get Requests: Get orders, Order Items, Order Lines, and transitions.
  • Patch Requests: Update an order to export it, provide tracking information, change order line status and so on. The PATCH method takes a JSON body and uses it to partially modify the order.

For information on required client scopes, rate limiting, and sandbox testing, see the Orders API Overview in our API Reference.

Sandbox Testing

We strongly recommend testing the Orders API during Initial Integration so you can be sure that you are processing orders correctly before you receive actual customer orders. In order to do so, you will need test orders to work with.

For more information on sandbox testing and requesting test orders, see the Orders API Overview in our Orders API Reference.

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