Testing with httpie

httpie is a free command-line tool used to issue HTTP calls. It is a simple, powerful tool for running and debugging REST API calls. We strongly recommend using httpie or a similar tool such as curl during development for sandbox testing. You may also wish to use a REST client for testing like Insomnia or Postman.

Throughout this documentation, we provide sample httpie calls to the zDirect Platform API. In production, you will typically issue calls from the software or scripts you have written in your preferred language.

httpie is available for download at httpie.io.

httpie and Windows

Many of the httpie code samples in this documentation use backslashes \ to introduce line breaks and improve readability.

These backslashes and line breaks are ignored by Mac and Linux terminals, but may cause errors when run from a Windows terminal such as Powershell. If you are developing on Windows, remove all backslashes and line breaks from our code examples to run them.

For example, for Windows development, instead of sending this command:

http \
--form POST \
/auth/token \
grant_type=client_credentials \

send this command:

http -a $CLIENT_ID:$CLIENT_SECRET --form POST https://api-sandbox.merchants.zalando.com/auth/token grant_type=client_credentials scope=access_token_only
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