Rate Limiting

The zDirect Platform restricts the number of API calls each client can make within a given period. This prevents apps from using too many system resources, which may impact performance for other users.

Each API has its own policy for rate limiting. For example, the Product Attributes API allows 1000 requests per minute, while the Product Submissions API allows 25 calls per second.

Each API's rate limiting policy is described in its API Overview page in the API Reference

Best Practices

Calls made by rate-limited apps receive an HTTP 429 "Too Many Requests" status code. Two headers are attached to the response:

  • Retry-After: Specifies how long you must wait before making a new request, in seconds.
  • X-Rate-Limit: Shows the limit for the operation that you are performing.

We recommend catching 429 responses and parsing the Retry-After header. Your client should wait until the specified amount of time has passed before making additional calls, or it may be subject to additional rate limiting.

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