Products FAQ

How do I find out what sales channels I can use, or what codes to use?

Use the Sales Channels API to get the available sales channels for a merchant. For more information, and for a list of sales channels codes, see Sales Channels API.

What is the status of my product?

The Product Status Report status values are as follows:

  • Live: The product is live. You may update stock, price, and salability per sales channel.
  • Rejected: The product has been rejected during onboarding validation. You must take further action and re-submit the product.
  • InReview: The product is under active Zalando review during onboarding.
  • Blocked: The product has been onboarded, but may not be sold. This can occur, for example, when stock is 0 or price has not been set.

How do I make product modifications (model, config and simple) via API?

You cannot modify products that were submitted via the API and successfully created in Zalando catalog. But if you wish to add additional config and simples to an existing model, you can resubmit the whole product structure with additional simples

How do I combine multiple models into one via API?

Right now it's not possible to group/merge already created Zalando models via API.

To merge the SKUs manualy, please contact Zalando Support.

How do I delete/decomission a product via API?

The decomissioning is not supported yet.

Contact Support