Shipping Documents API Overview

This API is intended for use with ZSS - Zalando Shipping Solutions only.

Use the Shipping Documents API to generate the shipping documents needed to ship a ZSS parcel.

Shipping Documents API Scopes

Use of the Shipping Documents API requires the zss/shipping-document/read scope.

Many zDirect APIs require clients specific permissions or scopes for read or write access. You may assign scopes to your apps in the "Applications" section of the zDirect Portal.

For more information on configuring app scopes, see the Applications section of our zDirect Portal guide.

Rate Limiting

The Shipping Documents API does currently rate limit requests as follows:

Request sandbox rate limits production rate limits rate-limit quota
GET /zss/shipping-documents 40 req/min 400 req/min per Fashion Partner

Sandbox Behavior

We strongly recommend testing the Shipping Documents API during Initial Integration, so you can be sure that you are receiving the documents correctly before you process actual customer orders. Of course, before you Go Live, you will have no orders to test.

How to create and use Sandbox Orders

  1. To get started on testing the ZSS Shipping Documents API, prepare your sandbox environment following the Sandbox Testing guide.
  2. Go to the Sandbox Orders Section and create Sandbox Order(s) for the Fashion Partner you want to test. To know more about how to use the Sandbox Orders Creation Tool check out here.
  3. Pick the Order ID(s) from the tool and use them to exercise and test the shipment documents api integration.

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