Patching Orders

In certain cases during order fulfillment, you will use the PATCH method to update specific values to export the order, update order tracking information, update order lines with shipping status, and so forth.

For more information, see Processing Orders in our Developer Guide.

Patching an Entire Order

This endpoint enables you to modify a specific order:

PATCH /merchants/{merchant-id}/orders/{order-id}

This httpie call takes the file provide-tracking-information.json as input to update an order with tracking information:

http PATCH\
Authorization:Bearer $YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
< provide-tracking-information.json

Patching an Order Line

This endpoint enables you to modify a specific Order Line in a specific Order Item of an order:

PATCH /merchants/{merchant-id}/orders/{order-id}/items/{order-item-id}/lines/{order-line-id}

This example httpie call takes the local file order-line-updated.json as input to update the status of an Order Line to shipped:

http PATCH\
Authorization:Bearer $YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
< update-order-line.json

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