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The zDirect Platform enables Zalando Partners to sell their products through Zalando Fashion Store websites, such as and

Zalando Partners use the zDirect API to integrate with the zDirect Platform. The zDirect API is a RESTful API that covers all stages of partner integration. You may use it to submit your products to the Zalando system, set prices and available stock, fulfill orders, track shipments to and from Zalando warehouses, and more.

Integration Overview

All zDirect Platform partners go through two stages of zDirect integration:

  1. Initial integration: During this stage, partners prepare to sell their products by submitting them to the Zalando system, validating their submissions for accuracy and completeness, and setting prices and available stock for products.
  2. Live Business Management: After Go Live, partners actively sell and manage their products in the zDirect Platform. When customers place orders through Zalando Fashion Stores, partners either fulfill those orders themselves (Partner Fulfillment), or Zalando fulfills orders on their behalf (Zalando Fulfillment Solutions). During this stage, many implementation details depend on which fulfillment model you are using.

For more information on the stages of integration and an overview of which APIs are used at each stage, see Stages of Integration.

Using the Documentation

This guide has three main sections:

  1. Getting Started Guide: General information that every developer will need. Includes an introduction to the API, an overview of how to use the API to integrate with the zDirect Platform, a tutorial that covers how to make a basic request, and more.
  2. Developer Guide: Detailed information about zDirect Platform development. Includes information on authentication, how to use the zDirect Portal to create and manage apps, and a detailed description of each API and how to use them.
  3. API Reference: Information on client scope requirements, rate limiting, and sandbox testing, and a Swagger/OpenAPI reference for all APIs.

We strongly recommend that all developers begin by reviewing the Getting Started Guide, as it provides information necessary for development.

Before You Get Started

Please note the following important points:

  • All calls to the zDirect API require authentication. For more information, see Authentication.
  • All APIs support sandbox testing. We strongly recommend using sandbox testing to be sure you understand the API. For more information, see Sandbox Testing.
  • All code examples in this documentation are for use with the command-line tool httpie. See Testing with httpie for more information.
  • All code examples in the Getting Started Guide use the sandbox base URL. For production use, the URLs must be changed to the production base URL.

Other Resources

  • zDirect Portal: Create and manage apps, configure access permissions, and more. For more information, see the zDirect Portal documentation in our Developer Guide.
  • zDirect: The zDirect Platform portal for non-programmers. It includes important tools such as the Product Status Report, or PSR, which provides a snapshot of the status of all the products you have submitted to the Zalando system. Sometimes called zDirect UI.
  • Zalando Partner University (ZPU): A knowledge base for partners that includes comprehensive information about zDirect Platform integration on the business or product level.

Requesting zDirect Portal Access

To use the zDirect API, you must have access to the zDirect Portal. If you are not sure if you have access, try going there now.

Developers are granted access to the zDirect Portal when they are invited by a company or brand to develop on their behalf. For more information about how this works, see Fashion Partners, Technical Partners, and Merchants below.


We are available to assist you during every step of integration through our Integration Management Services.

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